Picked amongst 220 offerings which met our Call for Entries requirements, more than 50 films were shown in seven selections of the main program and four acts of Live Soundtrack - within 6 awards this year, 3 have been voted by members of the jury: film director Marko Zunic, musician and philologist Nevena Popovic, and A/V artist and film editor Nina Lazarevic, 3 by the audience.

The results of the voting process are as following :

GRAND PRIX (ex-aequo) : 

Zareh Tjeknavorian - "Crowned and Conquering"

“Plunging us into the aural psychedelic ambient of Popol Vuh, Zareh Tjeknavorian lulls us into the state of a weightless mystical dream. His allegorical visions appear to open time-space wormholes through which we are transposed into the mythical dimension, as the reality dissolves in the tears of Horus.”

Karan Talwar - "16mm Selfie"

“Karan Talwar’s 16mm Selfie employs a classical avant-garde approach to the film collage, with a very original use of the found footage and feverish editing, reminiscent of a music video. This rebelliously intoned take on (contemporary) narcissism is underpinned with a great score by Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf and Suprateek Chatterjee.”


Andrew Yong Hoon Lee - "Motion at a Distance"

“Motion at a Distance” by Lindsay Packer, with sound by Andrew Yong Hoon Lee is reminiscent of a visual painting or visual music – sculpted in the cinematic way, combining the dance of light and shadows in a stop-motion movement. Atmosphere of the short is synaesthetic and intoxicating, with the organic ambient score being particularly lush and blissful. “

AUDIENCE AWARD (ex-aequo) :
Ieva Balode - "Commission”
Alice Heit - "Deep Waters"
(Special award, based on the loudest ovations recorded by our BIG OVA – ovation-o-meter)
Graeme Cole - "Universal Ear : The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum"
Congratulations to all of the awarded films in this stellar selection! 🔥🔥🔥 
See you next year!


DAY 1 / 30.11.2019 / KVAKA 22

18:00 SELECTION I - Micro-Poetic Cinema : Secret Diary


Aki Poon | 2019 | 2:43 | UK | 16mm

A tree growing human-face balloons.


Antonia Luxem | 2019 | 3:25 | UK | Super 8 

Starring Josephine Stephenson, “Aleph” depicts the confusion between reality and dream, the struggle between a woman and her alter-ego, the fox.


Nikolina Bogdanović | 2018 | 9:25 | Croatia | analog photographs

In the 1950s, the author’s grandmother’s sister moved to Germany with her husband. The photographs she was sending documented their new life in the West.


Juana Robles | 2019 | 4:32 | Switzerland | Super 8

There are eternal chambers of the unspoken where strange mallows grow.


Emily Van Loan | 2019 | 6:06 | USA | Super 8 

An exercise in introspection, a request for patience, an exploration of space both internal and external. Have you ever felt connected to someone you’ve never met?


Hanqi Sheng | 2018 | 7:22 | Germany | 16mm

The film was inspired by the poem “Die neunte Elegie”, by Rainer Maria Rilke. In the film, Nana talks to her puppet or herself that: “Us, the most fleeting of all”.

18:30 SELECTION II : Micro-Poetic Cinema - Punks & Subversives


Susu Laroche | 2018 | 8:18 | USA | 16mm

Ceremonious to both events, the waterworks flank both birth and death.


Ieva Balode | 2019 | 6:00 | Latvia | 16mm

The story of a film “Commission” starts in Georgia at some unknown point of time where a heroic, mythical female character has written a book which is being delivered by a courier to three powerful women. 


Kalainithan Kalaichelvan | 2019 | 4:48 | Canada | 35mm



Kent Tate | 2018 | 1:05 | Canada | Super 8 

Memories are a confluence of the personal and the collective, the secret and the shared. Shaped by time and space, memories alter perceptions of what is remembered as well as what is forgotten...


Michael Higgins | 2019 | 3:07 | Ireland | 35mm 

A glimpse in between two frames that ignite under the pressure of a gunpowder spark.

19:00 SELECTION III : Cine-Rituals in Magic & Alchemy


Zareh Tjeknavorian | 2019 | 12:02 | USA | 16mm 

“Crowned & Conquering” is inspired by the philosophy of the occultist, ceremonial magician, and writer, Aleister Crowley. Through mythical scenes, symbolic imagery, abstract graphics and textures  the work visualizes the alchemical process of chrysopoeia, the transmutation of the spirit from lead into gold: a cinematic allegory of the gnostic path in sight and sound.


Brittany Gravely & Ken Linehan | 2018 | 5:06 | USA |

“Prologue to the Tarot: Glenna” is the first in a set of cinematic tarot cards in which the authors collaborate with the subjects to create layered vignettes infused with personal symbolism. Inspired by their particular choices and personalities, they collaborate throughout the shoot, double-exposing each roll of film.


Jared Michael Sobotka | 2019 | 6:37 | USA | 16mm 

“Anima” is about a young man lost to a world that never wanted him. He does the only thing he can to keep his soul, he dreams.


Charlotte Pryce | 2018 | 6:43 | UK | 16mm

The film depicts an encounter with a mysterious, luminous, electrical substance. Inspired equally by medieval accounts of visionary experiences and by 19th century photography of the invisible, “Pwdre Ser” joins Kirlian photography with hand- processed images.


Atoosa Pour Hosseini | 2018 | 11:21 | Ireland | 16mm

Shot in saturated 16mm colour, this dreamlike film follows a primeval female figure exploring an ancient landscape poised over an endlessly blue sea. She is at once alienated from and engaged by her surroundings, which suggest a site of self-discovery as much as one of profound disorientation.


Daniel & Clara | 2018 | 4:00 | UK/Portugal | Super 8

The filmmakers’ personal meditation on nature and the environment, “Espectros Da Terra” takes the viewer into a mysterious world inhabited by strange spirits and creatures. 


Sebastian Wiedemann | 2018 | 6:51 | Nigeria/Brazil/Colombia | Super 8

Shot in the mythical Ile-Ife, the sacred city of the Yoruba people and founded by the Orisas, this film seeks to sensory affirm the vertigo of coming into contact with Obatala, orisa creator of the world, of light. Trance of sparks of light, of bodies in spiritual connection.


Jael Jacobo | 2018 | 4:20 | Mexico | 16mm

Humanity-Gods-Demons-Hands-Spirit The creation with the hands in the history of humanity, from the first men who carved on rocks to advanced civilizations in search of the representation of spirituality.

20:00 SELECTION IV : Experimental Fiction and Genre Deconstruction


Signe Birkova | 2018 | 24:48 | Latvia | 16mm 

Harijs Bērziņš is kidnapped by aliens. The traumatic experience makes him feel like an outcast. He is understood only by the UFO expert Vilma who is obsessed with aliens. She uses Harijs as a bait to attract aliens but meanwhile a gray mother gives birth to a hybrid.


Pip Chodorov | 2018 | 9:09 | Romania | 16mm

In this fairy tale, a stranger visits the remote mountain village of Slon. This film was made at an annual ten-day filmmaking residency in Slon. As a stranger himself, first time to Romania, with only four days to shoot and four days to edit, Chodorov wrote this modern-day fairy tale to coincide with his fantasy idea of what my unpredictable visit to the village would be like.


Jann Clavadetscher | 2018 | 16:42 | Ireland | 16mm 

This hallucinatory trip through the psychedelic recesses of science fiction begins in the flickering bowels of the earth. An explorer played by Cillian Roche undergoes a bizarre mutation in which cinema itself might possibly play a part. .


Ed Carter | 2019 | 9:58 | USA | Super 8 

Two women encounter one another across dimensions, each perceiving the other as if a ghost. As they make contact, the structures of their dimensional cells begin to flicker and wane, and a possible transcendence presents itself.


Dmitrii Frolov | 2019 | 14:15 | Russia | 16mm

Two young men and two girls on a moonlit night confess to each other in their strange fantasies and loves that go beyond the usual standards...The impetus to making the film was the book of the same name by the Russian religious philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who died 100 years ago. His treatise was devoted to the study of sexuality and its denial in Christianity.


Elzbieta Piekacz | 2018 | 13:26 | UK | 16mm 

“At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise” is a short drama film, which tells the story of losing yourself in the feeling of love. It focuses on a London hotel housekeeper, Akiko, and portrays her spiritual transformation...


Graeme Cole | 2018 | 28:59 | UK | Super 8

Time-travelling record producer Harley Byrne crash-lands in a virtual reality heritage theme park in 22nd-century France. Corrupt holograms, cyborg saints, and sentient statues haunt an absurdist Super-8 universe, digitally re-colourized for your pleasure!


During the 1st edition of Kinoskop, Kino pleme, an audio-visual initiative and analog film lab based in Belgrade is celebrating 5 years of their monthly program Live Soundtrack. Ideas of Live Soundtrack have always been connected to adventurous  programming and spirit of (re)discovery. Through screening rarely seen works of short experimental cinema and animation from around the globe, event has brought together musicans from (local) electronic, ambient and electro-acoustic circuits, and created an atmosphere of synaesthetic flourishes and synthesis of sounds in a manner which historically links it to the scoring of more freewheeling and forward looking works of cinema. Live Soundtrack has a history of 49 curated events and appearances in local film festivals and cultural manifestations abroad, with over 140 musicians and visual artists who have performed at the event, some of them visitors from various corners of the world. Live Soundtrack has also given birth to the regular film music ensemble Old Soviet Dogs, known for their love for vintage and modular electronic, always mutating sonic environments, occasionally drenched in cosmic themes and otherworldly (psycho) acoustics.

During their fifth year anniversary, Live Soundtrack is proud to present a performance by Elefante Branco, a sound artist from Brasil, in a continuation of their monthly series “Sinkro” which is focusing on presentation of foreign artists. Line-up will also be enriched by local artists and fiery synth-heads, with a new collaboration between Dobrivoje Milijanović and Vladimir Riznić, under the moniker Falling Elevator Music, while the spirit of exploratory electronica will also be endorsed by a one man project Tearpalm, influenced by cosmic synths, psychedelic and collage music.  Live Soundtrack will also plunge into the enchanting universe of "expanded cinema", with a collaboration by local film/ video artists Aleksandar Lazar and Marko Milićević, in “Elementary Particles”, a post-apocalyptic multi-channel performance merging the worlds of mockumentary, found footage, cinema and animation. 

Expanded Cinema performance by Aleksandar Lazar / Marko Milicevic (SR)

"Elementary Particles" / "Where do We Come From" is the first collaboration of film / video artists Aleksandar Lazar and Marko Milicević, a post-apocalyptic multi-channel film performance that brings together the worlds of analog and digital, mockumentary and found footage, experimental film and animation, in a combination of two works that (meta-) comment on each other and are methodologically interconnected.

“Elementary Particles” is a subversive mockumentary in the form of a 2-channel expanded performance: Filmoteka 16 movies on nuclear fission and the development of the atomic bomb have been edited in reverse order and fragmentary sequences, moving from the blast of atomic bomb to the satirical commentary on abuse of technology and effects of chemical warfare on the living world, to the "esoteric" particles of film grain which dissipate and then return to the cave of the dark matter of the evolution of civilization / primordial forms of energy, portraying the entire universe as an "alien" experiment of an absurd musical conductor, supported by the destructive urges of humanity.

"Where do We Come From" is an epilogue to the history of mankind which has been wiped off by a global catastrophe. The creation of life and man on Earth, through the condensation of spirit, from the appearance of the first, primitive life form to higher forms of intelligence, will (again) require many millions of years and work of evolution. The inspiration for making the video "Where do We Come From?" is the book of the same name by Russian ophthalmologist Dr. Ernest Muldashev, who made a scientific expedition to Tibet in search of the origin of mankind and published his results in this book.

Aleksandar Lazar (1991) is a graphician and multidisciplinary artist. In addition to his research of visual and music expressions, he examines structural parallels between music and visual media, as well as their linking and generating. He has finished his BA and MA studies at the Department of Graphic Arts (Faculty of Fine Arts) in Belgrade where he's currently attending his PhD studies.

Marko Milićević is the founder of the a / v initiative Kino pleme, an independent curator and program editor of the monthly event Live Soundtrack. He is the author of several films shot on the Super 8 and 16mm, and is involved in exporation of sound and electronic music, in collaborations with vocalists and poets and as a permanent member of the Old Soviet Dogs, ensemble for film music.


Aleksandar Lazar (pictured left) and Marko Milićević (pictured right)


Tearpalm is an electronic project with no permanent residence, launched in 2007. Following the good press of first two albums, released for the pioneering DIY label from Croatia, Listen Loudest - Listen Loudest, this by-then one-man project has changed its direction to play in different combos, mostly in Belgrade and the surrounding area, after which he has released a handful of special editions and participated in numerous compilations, including tribute albums dedicated to the legendary bands Faust and Sleep Chamber.

On his latest album, released for 93.93 Publishing / 93dot93 in mid-August, Tearpalm has taken a turn toward 'greasier', heavy trip-hop / post-industrial sound, interspersed with the remnants of just about every electronic genre that may come to your mind.


EMMANUEL PITON - EXPOSED / France / 2017 / 7'/ Super 8

MUGE YILDIZ - A TRIP TO THE MOON / Turkey / 2016 / 10’/ Super 8


Falling Elevator Music is a new collaboration of Dobrivoje Milijanović and Vladimir Riznić, also active in the Belgrade Subharmonic Ensemble. 

Born in Belgrade, 1981, Dobrivoje Milijanović is an associate professor at the Sound Recording and Design Department of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and a guest lecturer at the Department for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. In 2015, he obtained his PhD on the Group for Multimedia Arts of the Belgrade University. He designs sound for stage events, and creates electronic music and interactive sound sculptures, both at home and abroad, especially focusing on the intersection between science, sound and technology. He is also known as a member of collaborative noise/dub/techno project raum.null.

Vladimir Riznić isBelgrade born and based software developer and modular synth enthusiast. More than 10 years active in different music/performance projects, involving both innovative software and embedded hardware in art. Combining experiences from his day job as a data engineer and hacker Vladimir ,within his several ongoing projects Chien, Falling Elevator Music and Girls Next Gulag, creates dark and gloomy atmospheres with the colorful wires and cables of his modular synths and guitar pedals.


TELEMACH WIESINGER - WINGS TO HEAR / Germany/ 2019 /11'41''/ analog photographs


Elefante Branco (White Elephant) is the solo project of electroacoustic improvisation developed by the Brazilian sound artist Marcelo Armani that has as its base and concepts the fields of concrete music, minimalist and experimental music. 

Live, he uses use analog and digital synthesizers, effects, contact microphones and the manipulation of field recordings through samplers as a material for real-time composition of sound structures that exploit frequencies, amplitude and timbre variations. The intention is to propose the perception of volumes, surfaces and sonic spatialities that express sensations of densities, lightness, granulations, tensions, rhythms and environments that run through dimensional orders from micro to macro.


Films by : Duo Strangloscope, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Zoe Meyer, Justin Brown, Michael Woods, Camelia Mirescu, Tracie Williams, Matt Helme, Sasha Waters Freyer

DAY 2/ 1.12.2019/ KVAKA 22

17:00 SELECTION V : Found Footage : Acts of Sabotage


Péter Lichter | 2019 | 7:52 | Hungary | 35mm

The Philosophy of Horror is a seven-part abstract adaptation of Noël Carroll’s influential film theoretical book of the same title (published in 1990), which is a close examination of the horror genre. Our film uses hand painted and decayed 35 mm film strips of the classic slasher movie A Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven, 1984) and its sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985).


Claudia Siefen-Leitich | 2019 | 2:00 | Austria | 16mm

So this time we observe some male bodies, we will see nature, things that will turn us upside down. Things, a little weird now and then. But be sure within all this: it wasn't meant to be sexy.


Craig Smith | 2018 | 4:02 | USA | 35mm 

Begin is an experiment in non-specific narrative film. While preserving a large library of vintage Hollywood optical sound effects, the filmmaker became attracted to the sounds of slates, discussions, splices, and noise. These sounds were created, with much effort, to enhance specific narrative images. But these sounds can also tell a story as involving as the films they were created for... Begin is also a valentine to the craft of filmmaking.


Steven Woloshen | 2019 | 3:42 | Canada | 35mm

Can Hollywood participate in a new revolution? “Uprising” is created from Hollywood's own film teasers/trailers, repurposing and reusing it derail capitalism.


Karan Talwar | 2019 | 3:05 | India | 16mm 

A 16mm film, made using footage found at Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market) in Mumbai. It features words by Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf and music by Suprateek Chatterjee. The film is meant to be screened using its film version, off a 16mm projector and the music performed live. This is a digital compromise.

17:30 SELECTION VI : In the Realm of Non-Human


Pere Ginard | 2019 | 7:31 | Spain | Super 8

Created after the musical work “Tangible” composed by Raquel García-Tomás, the film “Lack of Light” is a phantasmagoria that explores life and death and the things in between.


Matthew Ripplinger | 2018 | 7:53 | Canada | 16mm

A portrait of the filmmaker’s old friend. The film’s surgical cutting and state of decay symbolizes Bailey’s suffering of bone cancer, consisting of home made photographic emulsion, contact printing, and reticulation. Sir Bailey embarks on an existential journey through the shattering photo-chemical plane during his last day of life.


Giuseppe Boccassini | 2019 | 11:53 | Germany | 16mm

“La notte salva" (The Night of Nature) is a path of sensations that attempts to gather around its nature without revealing it, without opening itself to any human language. Rather, as an animal’s night call, it exists vanishing in its own closure and muteness. 


Guillaume Vallée | 2019 | 4:52 | Canada | 16mm

A luna moth is dying under the eyes of a child. From the point of view of the insect, we hear the child wonder about death, post-mortem and ephemeral, in the form of a monologue inspired by Cioran.


Lindsay Packer & Andrew Yong Hoon Lee | 2018 | 3:05 | USA | 16mm

In this stop-motion animation, color takes ephemeral form into the sound space. Andrew Yong Hoon Lee’s optical sound guides Lindsay Packer’s light-based installation and performance work. Sound here is used as material, pushed and pulled like paint on canvas to create abstract textures that evoke mood and memory.

18:00 SELECTION VII : Experimental documentary


Elena Pardo | 2018 | 7:04 | Mexico | 16mm 

The historical Estudios Churubusco lab, where Golden Era Mexican films were processed in the 1950s, is still running, pretty much unchanged. This film is a desperate and loving attempt to preserve the memory of the people, knowledge, and objects coexisting in this space, that risks closing at any time. 


Jean-Jacques Martinod | 2019 | 17:09 | Ecuador | 16mm

Isidro Vargas reminisces on his encounters with death as he meanders through the tropical mangroves in the outskirts of Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Benjamin Edelberg | 2019 | 11:35 | Canada | Super 8

Artists who use their bodies as their medium or canvas while existing in their natural environments. Are they performing? Do their performances end after the makeup is removed? Can a performance continue in an empty apartment instead of in front of an audience?


Pelle Nijburg | 2019 | 18:49 | Netherlands | Super 8 

Anna is trying to understand her mental condition called ‘anemoia’, which means something like nostalgia for a time or place you have never known. After taking a look at her childhood photos, she visits various locations in order to understand this condition. In the meantime daydreams keep occurring and a life in the 'here and now' seems unreachable.


Alice Heit | 2019 | 53:32 | France | Super 8 

Plunging into the mysterious territory of feminine sexual pleasure, “Deep Waters” concerns the “fountains” which sometimes gush forth at the moment of sexual climax. Little is known about this phenomenon, even by women themselves...

20:00 EndFrame(s) - Analog photography exhibition

EndFrame(s) is an exhibition of analog photographs created in the rift of imaginary and cinematically suggestive. The series of “enlarged” and perforated images illustrate the last shot of a film that is magically transposed from the imagination of a photographer (posing as a director) into the oneiric world of the viewer, and point at the very nature of a photograph as a possible film frame / scene torn from its original context.

These ending frames are akin to the excerpts from films which could be a part of the rich history of experimental cinema, touching upon filmic abstraction, collage animation, landscape film and mystical instances. The exhibition is atmospherically complemented by the sound of a filmtape leaving the projector in its last frame...

Photos by : Darko Ilić, Dina Radović, Milica Nikolić, Svetlana Mladenović, Vladimir Ilić, Elizabeta Petković, Jelena Perišić, Nikola Gocić, Vladimir Stajić, Boris Mirkov, Olivera Inđić, Miodrag Bazdar, Viktorija Jovanović. 

from left to right : photos by Darko Ilić ("Devadasi of Khajuraho"), Elizabeta Petković (Untitled), Nikola Gocić (Das Nachwort)

20:30 Award ceremony + Screening

Members of the jury, film director Marko Žunić, musician and philologist Nevena Popović, and film editor Nina Lazarević, will announce their decision which film(s) have won the Grand Prix and Best Original Soundtrack Award, while we will count the votes of audience for their favourite film in the entire run.  Screening of awarded movies.